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Completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of information: tries to deliver the most accurate and complete information. However, if some details shared on this platform are not current or complete, users cannot hold us responsible. We have published information on our platform only to inform users. 

It is not recommend to rely completely on the shared information for making major decisions. You should consult more accurate and timely information sharing sources for your major decisions. It will be your call if you choose to rely on the information provided on this website. 

We may share some historical information. The published historical information should be used for reference only. It is our right to update any published content at any time without notifying users. You agree that you will timely read newly updated information and not rely on old information to make big decisions. 

Products and services:

Our website can offer certain products and services which you may not find in the offline market. Some products can be subjected to exchange only, depending on their quantity and availability. You must check the return policy before placing the order to avoid future inconveniences.

This platform tries to display the true shape, colors, and the most accurate size details of products. However, we do not guarantee that the delivered item will have the exact color as displayed on our website. Products’ appearance can alter depending on the device you are using to assess their looks and features. 

Although we can, we are not obligated to limit the sales of our products and services to a geographic region, person, or jurisdiction. This right can be exercised depending on various circumstances. can increase or reduce the quantities of products supplied online. The user cannot force us to increase or limit the quantity of any product we endorse and sell. 

Product details and product prices can change anytime and we will not send any notice to users. It is our choice to discontinue the sale of any product whenever it is convenient for our business. Offers and discount deals are provided for a limited time. Regular prices are applied if you buy the product or service when the discount deal is over. 

We never guarantee the quality, material, and features described by the manufacturer. The buyer cannot hold us responsible if the product does not meet his/her quality expectations. Buyers should thoroughly assess products before placing the order to avoid quality issues. 

Price and service changes:

Product prices are never constant. They are subject to change and no notice is provided to users regarding the changes in the product price. provides many services. We can add or discontinue any offered service permanently or for a short while. No notice or information will be shared with users via any means of communication regarding product or service discontinuation. 

You cannot hold us liable for changes made to products by any third party. Product vendors can limit, discontinue, or add new items according to their convenience. You cannot hold this platform responsible for price changes made by third parties.  

Account information and billing accuracy:

This online store reserves the right to refuse certain orders at any time. It is our right to limit or cancel the required quantities of products bought by one user. The quantities can limit or increase per person or household. Such restrictions and limitations are applied to orders received from the same user account. 

You will get notified via email, SMS, or a phone call if we limit the ordered product quantity or cancel it. If it is evident that one or more orders placed by resellers, dealers, or distributors, we can cancel such orders. The buyer cannot force to process such orders. 

You have to share the most accurate, timely, and complete account information. It’s important to provide the required information before you buy a product. You also consent to quickly update your account information, including credit card numbers, email addresses, and expiration so that the transaction can complete smoothly. We may contact you if the provided information is not correct. 

Third-party links:

Certain products, services, and content provided on this website may contain third-party materials and links. The users will be directed to third-party websites if he decides to click certain links. These links may also lead you to platforms that are not affiliated with 

We do not examine or assess the information third-party websites share for its completeness and accuracy. You cannot hold us liable for wrong or outdated information shared by a third-party website, which has its links published on our website. 

This platform is not liable for any kind of loss related to the shopping of products and services made on third-party websites. You have to check the privacy policy of the visited website before sharing sensitive information. 

You must carefully assess the terms of service and privacy policy of the third-party website before initiating any kind of transaction. It will be your responsibility if any financial harm caused by the third-party website. 

Comments and feedbacks:

We may request buyers or users to share certain feedbacks regarding the products or services you purchase. The user can also share creative ideas, plans, suggestions, and other content with 

You agree that we can use the shared creative suggestion or content without seeking your permission. You allow us to publish or distribute the shared content without your consent. is not responsible if you do not like the use of your plans, ideas, or suggestions shared via email, phone call, or contact form. 

We may or may not entertain your request of removing the content published on our website. This online store not obliged to follow any or all the requests made by buyers and users. You should carefully read these terms of service before sharing information.