Privacy policy is committed to handle your personal data quite sensibly and carefully. This Privacy Policy informs how we gather and processes the user’s personal data. You agree with the practices described in this Privacy Policy if you use this website to gain information and buy products.

What sort of personal information do we collect about users?

The user’s personal information is needed to provide satisfying services and improve the service quality. We collect the following kinds of personal information:

  • Information shared by the user: collects all the data shared by the user when they the online store. It is the customer’s choice to not share certain details. However, there are some important details users need to provide in order to use our services. Those details are collected and protected at all costs.

  • Automatically shared details:

Some details are automatically collected by our website when a user lands on our store. The information is collected on how the user uses our website and the content published on this platform. We are using cookies along with other tools to monitor the user’s activities on our web pages. This information helps in assessing the user’s needs to provide better solutions for those needs!

  • Details collected from other sources: collaborates with other service providers to offer an exceptional shopping experience. Users’ details are received from other sources to update our data collection. It can be details about the buyer’s address, contact details, etc. This data allows us to feature products and offers available in the user’s region.

Why do we use the user’s personal information?

It is our goal to continually improve our service quality. Therefore, the information about the user is collected to develop, provide, operate, and improve our services. The purposes for using the user’s information include the following:

  • To manage orders: is using your personal data to take and manage your orders. This information is required to deliver purchased products and services in time. Such details are also used to communicate, process payments, and send promotional details.

  • Improve our services:

The user’s personal information is needed to recognize flaws in our services and improve issues that trouble you. Your information helps us in assessing performance, improving our service quality, and fix issues. This data also helps us in serving our customers more efficiently!

  • To personalize services:

One of the main objectives is to provide a more personalized shopping experience. The personal information shared by users is necessary to recommend high-quality products and services. carefully picks products or services that you may like. Your preferences are analyzed and products are displayed that you may like to use in near future.

  • To quickly respond to your requests: provides flawless solutions for all your shopping needs. If a user experiences any kind of issue, it is our top priority to resolve that problem as soon as possible. Therefore, we use your personal information to quickly process all your requests. It helps us in responding quickly and meeting all your needs related to online shopping.

  • To meet the regional legal obligations:

Your personal information is essential to operate our business according to regional laws and regulations. The user’s bank account, residence, and other details are required to verify the user’s identity and operate without legal issues.

  • To promote products:

Finding product categories that interest you is always important for us. This information is also used to send more personalized ads. It prevents our customers from dealing with unwanted product ads. We promote products or services that you may wish to buy and use. Your personal information plays a crucial role in identifying your interests and rejecting things you may not like.

  • To maintain flawless communication:

The information submitted by the user is quite important to save time and serve better when communicating with the user. Your email address, phone, chat, and other details are required to maintain proper communication.

  • To prevent frauds:

Your personal information helps us in identifying fraudulent elements and prevents misuse of our services. It reduces credit risks and ensures the right user gets the benefit of our services. can use your contact information and other personal details to verify an unauthorized user is not misusing your device or data.

Do we share the user’s personal information? uses cutting-edge technology to protect the user’s personal information. Our platform has never sold the user’s personal information to other interested parties. The information is shared only with the following parties:

  • Third parties involved in the transaction:

Your information is only shared with parties involved in the transaction. We collaborate with several trusted vendors and service providers to deliver top-quality solutions. Your information can be shared with service providers to deliver satisfying services. The buyers get notified about the involvement of third parties. You can pick to continue with the order and take advantage of deals offered by our partners.

  • associates:

We work with the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers. All the products endorsed on this platform belong to different brands. It is our goal to bring the best deals for users to provide a more convenient and affordable shopping experience. Several third parties are involved when an order is processed. These third parties include product manufacturer, payment processing service, product shipping company, etc. Your personal information is shared only with the involved parties to improve your shopping experience. Only the required information is shared with associated parties to protect your sensitive information.

  • New branches of

This online store is constantly expanding our services to provide better products and services. New businesses may be acquired in order to add more products to our online store. Your information will be shared with our new branches to endorse and sell new products online. It is our promise to protect your information when our services expand. Your information will be used only if you take interest in our new products and buy them. Thus, we can use your data to help you place the order quickly and deliver the product as soon as possible. The user’s personal information can be shared when it is required by the law. The user cannot hold us responsible for leaking personal data when the information is required by legal authorities.

How do we protect the customer’s personal information? is committed to protecting the information provided by the user while buying a product. Our platform is designed to safeguard all the details shared by the user!

  • The latest encryption tools and protocols are applied to protect user data during transmission.
  • relies on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to protect the user’s credit card information.
  • This platform uses cutting-edge technology to protect the user’s personal information physically and electronically. The user must verify before accessing the personal information.
  • Unauthorized access is denied immediately. We are using highly sophisticated software programs to ensure only the authorized users can access the information.
  • It is recommended to users to apply a strong password to prevent account breaches and the leak of personal and financial information.
  • Your information is safe with and you can also contact us to share your security concerns. Our representatives will further assure the safety of your personal information.

What options do users have about sharing personal information?

  • You can choose to share or not share certain details with us. If you decide to not share certain details, you won’t be able to benefit from many services offered at our online store.
  • You can change or update personal information. It will be necessary to verify that you are the original account owner otherwise the information changes won’t take place.
  • You can decide whether you want to receive promotional emails and notifications or not. Certain deals and offers won’t reach you if you decide to turn off notifications.
  • Check the advertizing preferences to decide whether you want to receive personalized ads or not.
  • You can log out and then search products on our website to prevent browsing history. Thus, you won’t receive unwanted product suggestions on our retail store.

What information a user can access at

Being a registered user, you can access your name, payment options, address, profile details, and some other information related to your account. You can also check your previous orders and rate products according to your experience.

Advertising and promotions:

Users may get some advertisements on These are third-party ads that lead the user to other websites. We are not responsible for the loss of information if the user decides to share personal information with third-party sites. This platform endorses ads only according to the user’s product interests. You should carefully assess the privacy policy and terms of service of third-party websites before sharing any information. may share certain information with third-party service providers to feature more useful products. It helps us in endorsing top-rated products that you may like to use in future. We strictly prohibit unauthorized use of information and content published on this website. It is our right to change our Privacy Policy without notifying the user to serve better and prevent issues.